New name, new logo!
August 2014
Lots of people were thinking my first name was Lizzy, because of my designer name.
My name is Els and Lizzy stands for Elisabeth and Lizard, the animal in my logo.
So I decided to let the "Lizzy" out.
And keep the "QX"
What is a doodle for kuuks, an old Dutch farmer word.
This word means: Apart, Different from Others, and I turned it into Original.
The quality stays the same of course!
I added Aah! because I feel positive about that. It sounds enthusiastic and something like recognition.
Hope you will feel the same way when you purchase in my shops, read my newsletter, follow my facebook page and/or blog!
I will keep you informed about the new designs I make, challenges I host and the blogtrain I join.
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Would love to see you around somewhere!
Els AW
Lelystad, the Netherlands